Virtual Life Education in New Zealand


Virtual Life Education New Zealand (VLENZ) is an independent, not-for-profit association incorporated in New Zealand and dedicated to encouraging, assisting and advising on the use of virtual world (multi-user virtual environment) technology for educational use in New Zealand. Formally set up on October 31st 2010, many of the founding members have previously worked together on the SLENZ project or been involved with other similar initiatives.

As an association we wish to:

  • support current virtual world educational initiatives in NZ and develop further opportunities
  • freely disseminate advice relating to MUVE education methods and technology,
  • use and develop technology, software, best learning design practice and development methods to support and facilitate education in virtual worlds,
  • provide consultancy, networking and mentoring from our members.

We will also be looking to gain funding for projects related to this work and working alongside others to promote the use of virtual worlds in all areas and all levels of formal and informal education.

We welcome new members!

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